what is a jlus?

A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative land use planning effort between local government and military installations. The study leads to a policy framework and implementation measures to support a healthy economy, environment, and community, while safeguarding the military mission.

A JLUS seeks to create a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure lasting compatibility of military installations and the neighboring communities as they develop. A JLUS does NOT directly change any land use requirements, authorize or evaluate new military activities, or evaluate individual projects.


Why does the JLUS program exist?

Most military installations were originally located in remote areas, largely due to land availability and for defense and security purposes. Land use conflicts between base operations and civilian uses can arise as development intensifies and expands. Through the JLUS, these growth conflicts can be anticipated, identified, and prevented.


What are typical JLUS recommendations?

JLUS recommendations may include revisions to the communities’ comprehensive plans and land use and development controls, such as zoning. Recommendations may also address public relations, coordination, land exchanges, transfer of development rights, and real estate disclosure. 


Does it work?

Previous JLUSes have shown a high success rate. The JLUS effort can directly benefit both the jurisdiction and the installation by:

  • Protecting the health and safety of residents living or working near military installations
  • Preserving long-term land use compatibility between the installation and surrounding community
  • Promoting comprehensive community planning
  • Encouraging a cooperative spirit between the local base command and local community officials
  • Integrating the local jurisdictions’ comprehensive plans with installation’s plans